Dear friends of the Whiskey Festival in Limburg,

On yesterday’s day, April 15th, 2020, the federal and state governments agreed that the currently applicable restrictions for personal contacts up to and including May 3rd, 2020 and the ban on events will be maintained for the time being.

As we expected, this also applies to this year’s Whiskey Festival in Limburg.

With regret, but absolutely necessary at this time, we officially cancel the Limburg Whiskey Festival 2020.

We hope that you, your relatives and acquaintances will have a good – above all healthy – come through this time marked by the Corona crisis.

The Whiskey Fair team is looking forward to seeing you again soon, carefree!

Yours sincerely

Jens-Uwe Altmann
Team Whiskey Fair

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Dear friends of the Whiskey Festival in Limburg,

Due to the Corona crisis, we are contacting you to inform you about the current status of this year’s festival.
We organizers are currently feeling the same way as all citizens in Germany and all affected nations of the world. Nobody knows what to expect in the next few days / weeks and which measures will still be necessary.

At the present time, the state of Hesse has taken measures by ordinance that will last until April 19, 2020. So far, there is no regulation for the period after April 19, 2020. The Whiskyfair team is of the opinion that, to protect the general public, we cannot return to what we are used to after April 19, 2020. We therefore strongly believe that this year’s whiskey festival cannot take place in Limburg.
However, there are no regulations that would result in the cancellation of this year’s Whiskey Festival. Due to contracts already legally binding, it is currently not possible for us to cancel the event at this time from a liability point of view. Nobody knows what other measures will be taken after April 19, 2020. Under certain circumstances, the regulations of the State of Hesse can oblige us to fulfill the contracts entered into.

We therefore ask each visitor to decide for themselves whether they want to cancel their reserved hotels or their organized arrival.
With regard to the pre-sale tickets already paid, we have decided that the tickets to the extent booked are valid for the event 2020 that may take place or alternatively for the event on April 24/25, 2021.
This means that you can decide whether you want to visit the Festival 2020 or use the ticket for the event next year. This decision is independent of whether the festival takes place this year or not. Of course, tickets already paid will be refunded in the event of cancellation.

The current situation also represents an organizational challenge for us, which leads to a certain time-delayed processing of e-mails and will also lead in the future. Please understand that, as an organizer, it has so far been difficult and impossible for us to cancel the festival or announce that it will take place due to the current situation and the daily and even hourly changing conditions and regulations.

You can find more information at:
You can find the regulation concerning us at:

Stay healthy!

Sincerely yours
Your whiskey fair team

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